Coffee in Competition


Unlock Your Coffee’s Potential through the World Coffee Challenge 2023.

Ready to showcase your coffee to a panel of European specialists and consumers? Register as many coffees as you wish for a chance to test their excellence and product market fit during the tasting and Chocomad.

You will be able to chose which way your coffee will be tasted: cupping or espresso. If you want one coffee to be tasted both as cupping and espresso, please count two tastings for it.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to make a lasting impression. Register now and let your coffee captivate the world’s most discerning palates at the World Coffee Challenge 2023!

250,00  per tasting
175,00  per tasting
150,00  per tasting
137,50  per tasting
130,00  per tasting
125,00  per tasting
120,00  per tasting
117,50  per tasting
115,00  per tasting
100,00  per tasting


Sample Requirements:

For the competition, send 8 separate samples per coffee to our address in Paris before October 25, 2023. At least 4 of these samples must be in commercial packaging.

Each sample should weigh a minimum of 8oz (225g). 3 samples will be used for the professional tasting, and 1 will be kept as a control sample for a year following official rules. The remaining 4 samples will be utilized for promotion and market testing, including events like Chocomad, cuppings for professional buyers, and baristas.

To ensure freshness and avoid delays in transportation, we recommend sending the samples during the first half of October.

What’s Included with Registration:

– Participation in the professional jury’s tasting, making your coffee eligible for all applicable prizes and categories. (Check The Competition for all 19 different Awards)
– Promotional posts on our social media dedicated to your participation before and after the competition.
– Brand and coffee promotion at our Chocomad stand, where we will showcase your logo, coffee bags, and distribute promotional material you provide.
– Your presence in our official Roasted@Origin book, featuring two pages dedicated to your estate or brand. We will work with you to create impactful pictures and descriptions. This book serves as the industry’s first directory of suppliers of coffees roasted at origin, a standard that helps distributors and resellers discover and feature your products.

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