What if your coffee won the World Coffee Challenge ? 

The competition celebrates the best coffees in the world roasted at origin. Don’t miss this opportunity to present your roasted coffee as you can offer and market it. Our jury of experts can’t wait to try it out.

Participating in the World Coffee Challenge offers: 

  • the assurance for your coffee to be recognized on the international scene, thus enhancing your know-how and your terroir

  • the representation of your region in an international competition with your own roasted coffee

  • a chance to empower your collaborators and bring them motivation and pride

Along with your participation, get benefits such as:

  • a one year registration (50€ value) to the World Directory of coffee roasted at origin, allowing you to present a detailed showcase of your company

  • a media / press / social networks coverage (including a post on the Instagram and Facebook accounts of the competition)

  • networking with Termatalia’s relations (on the national, continental and international levels)

  • connect with coffee farmers around the world to share your experiences of roasting at origin

If you are a winner, obtain :

  • a trophy, a diploma and an NFT on the blockchain attesting to your prize
  • the right to use your prize (mention but also any replica of the design) on your roasted coffee to display the reward it has received

  • the chance to start a collaboration with Alternative Café for your roasted coffee to be commercialized in Europe

  • the announcement of your award to international media covering the event

The registration conditions are adapted to fit your needs depending on the size and profile of your company.  

Find below the category that concerns you.

You are a coffee producer roasting your own coffee(s). Our priority is to help small structures participate and get most of the benefits for the lowest possible cost. Your registration comes with one cupping included so you can compete with your main coffee.

You are a roaster, a coffee chain, or any company working with a network of local coffee growers. Your registration comes with three cuppings included so you can compete with a large variety of coffee profiles.

Your organization regroups or reunites coffee growers on the Regional or National scale. You are looking to develop your organization at different levels and have specific needs. Your registration comes with five cuppings included so several of your producers or of your programs can compete.

You can add more coffees to compete as an option.

You can also register any coffee as an espresso tasting, which will have its own prizes and category.