The World Coffee Challenge 2022

🎬 A look back at the World Coffee Challenge 2022! ☕

The World Coffee Challenge showcases the world’s finest coffees, bringing together passionate coffee enthusiasts, producers, and baristas from across the globe. This prestigious event serves as a platform to celebrate and recognize the exceptional quality and craftsmanship behind the world’s best coffees, while fostering an environment of innovation, collaboration, and appreciation for the art of coffee.

Sit back, and get ready to be inspired by the World Coffee Challenge 2022, the very first edition of the competition – where the magic of coffee and the passion of producers came together in a symphony of flavors!

Unraveling the Magic: Relive the Professional Jury's Tasting!

8 months ago, we embarked on a memorable coffee adventure, featuring 75 tastings of coffees from 15 different countries. Here, we bring you a nostalgic glimpse of the day that left us in awe. Relish this journey down memory lane with us, as we celebrate the artistry and camaraderie that makes the World Coffee Challenge an unparalleled celebration of the world’s most beloved beverage ! 

Our hearts were filled with gratitude as we welcomed a panel of passionate and discerning experts, each meticulously evaluating the exquisite coffees that graced our palates during the competition. In the candid snapshots captured below, witness the profound dedication of these professionals as they explored and savored every subtle note and aroma, striving to unravel the secrets of the finest flavors.

As we reminisce on this extraordinary occasion, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to every jury member who lent their expertise and shared their insights, contributing to the success of the World Coffee Challenge. Their commitment to the craft is truly inspiring! 🤝🌟

Award Ceremony: a Day of Celebration and Encounters

Last year’s award ceremony was an unforgettable celebration of passion, dedication, and exceptional talent as we gathered to honor the remarkable coffee producers from across the world who took part in our prestigious international competition.

The Termatalia fair came alive with an electrifying atmosphere, as diverse coffee-growing regions came together in a vibrant melting pot of cultures. It was a momentous occasion, where a select group of producers eagerly awaited the live announcement of the competition results and proudly received their well-deserved awards. Witnessing the unity and camaraderie among these coffee enthusiasts was truly inspiring.

The event showcased the true spirit of the coffee community, where connections were forged, knowledge exchanged, and unforgettable encounters took place. It was a day of celebration and recognition, as we applauded the passion and artistry that go into every cup of coffee produced.

Global Spotlight: Press Reception of the World Coffee Challenge 2022

We had an incredible press reception for the World Coffee Challenge! Check out the photos below to catch a glimpse of the exciting articles and captivating pictures featuring the event, covered by some of the world’s top newspapers. 

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