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Welcome to The world coffee challenge 2023

International coffee competition celebrating and empowering coffee producers and their coffees of excellence. Only coffees that are roasted at origin and a true emanation of their terroir can enter the competition. The tasting will be conducted in Spain, with jury members amongst the most respected experts in Spain. The Award Ceremony will take place during Chocomad, the largest Chocolate trade show in the Hispanic world, in Madrid : this is the perfect opportunity for exceptional coffees to make themselves known and measure up to the highest quality standards.

Second Edition of the World Coffee Challenge
Number of national and international exhibitors in Chocomad
Event Duration Nov 03-05 2023
Gourmet visitors at Chocomad in Madrid

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Organization Committee

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Marcos Zoya

Jury President

Alejandro Madrigal

Costa Rica Rep

Clari Cissé

Biz Dev

Christophe Chantefort

Comm Manager

Philippe NGAMOU

Delegate for Africa

Michel Bontemps


Quentin Rouyer

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No, the World Coffee Challenge is not the first competition of its kind to be held. We are resolutely optimistic and prove that, by celebrating the best coffees in the world and demanding that they be roasted at origin, by using new technologies, and by encouraging the protection of identities and terroirs, the world of coffee can quickly free itself from the weight of old reflexes and clichés and evolve towards sustainability, respect for nature and for people.

Yes, the organizers have experience in this specific field that they have acquired in similar competitions in France. Quentin Rouyer, a graduate of HEC Paris in International Business, coordinated a coffee competition, led a coffee training program and founded Alternative Café, a brand of coffees exclusively roasted at origin. Michel Bontemps, recognized in the thermal world, has created an international water competition.

Expert tasters are the pilar of the World Coffee Challenge. To lead them, we have the honor of counting on a renowned President, Mercedes Gonzales, who can thus promote the competition through the media and the professions of taste. The members of the jury, experts in their field, and real references, are among the best coffee tasters and baristas in Spain.

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