Clari Cissé

Biz Dev

Clari Cissé is an accomplished business developer with a unique international perspective, dividing her time between her birthplace, France, and Colombia. Her passion for the coffee industry and her drive to effect positive change have led her to play a pivotal role in the World Coffee Challenge.

Born and raised in France, Clari’s multicultural background has equipped her with a deep appreciation for diversity and a keen understanding of global markets. Her fluency in multiple languages and her ability to bridge cultural gaps have been instrumental in forging valuable connections within the coffee industry.

As a business developer, Clari has honed her skills in identifying opportunities and implementing strategic initiatives to drive growth. Her entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking have positioned her as a trailblazer in the coffee sector, where she seeks to bring about transformative changes.

Her commitment to reshaping the coffee industry finds its focal point in her active involvement with the World Coffee Challenge. As part of this initiative, Clari collaborates with industry experts, coffee enthusiasts, and key stakeholders to foster sustainability, fair trade, and ethical practices within the coffee supply chain.

Clari Cissé’s dedication to creating a more inclusive and sustainable coffee industry has earned her recognition as a thought leader and advocate for positive change. Through her international background, business acumen, and passion for coffee, she continues to inspire and drive meaningful transformation in the global coffee community.