Quentin Rouyer


Quentin Rouyer is a visionary entrepreneur and coffee enthusiast who has made a significant impact on the coffee industry through his innovation and dedication to quality sourcing. As a co-organizer of the World Coffee Challenge, a renowned competition that celebrates the finest coffees roasted at origin, Quentin’s passion for coffee and commitment to fair trade practices shine through.

Having pursued his education in international business at HEC Paris, one of the world’s most prestigious business schools, Quentin acquired a solid foundation in business strategy and management. Following his studies, he embarked on a career in consulting, gaining valuable insights into various industries and honing his expertise in entrepreneurship.

Driven by a desire to make a positive change in the coffee industry, Quentin decided to forge his path as an entrepreneur. He founded Alternative Café, a coffee brand with a transformative mission. The heart of Alternative Café’s philosophy lies in sourcing coffees exclusively roasted at origin, thereby preserving the unique character of each coffee and emphasizing the terroir’s influence on its flavor profile.

Quentin’s dedication to sourcing coffee at origin goes beyond providing exceptional quality to consumers. He is deeply committed to creating a more equitable value distribution that benefits coffee producers directly. By cutting out intermediaries and ensuring fair prices for growers, Quentin seeks to improve the livelihoods of coffee farmers and foster sustainability within the industry.

As a co-organizer of the World Coffee Challenge, Quentin leverages his expertise in coffee, international trade, and entrepreneurship to curate an exceptional competition. The Challenge serves as a platform to celebrate and recognize the artistry and craftsmanship of coffee producers and roasters worldwide.

In addition to his accomplishments in the coffee industry, Quentin is also a forward-thinking expert in blockchain and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). He recognizes the potential of these technologies to revolutionize various industries, including coffee. By exploring the integration of blockchain and NFTs into coffee supply chains, Quentin aims to enhance transparency, traceability, and fairness for all stakeholders.

Quentin Rouyer’s journey from studying international business to co-organizing the World Coffee Challenge and founding Alternative Café exemplifies his drive for positive change and sustainable practices in the coffee industry. His expertise in coffee, international trade, entrepreneurship, blockchain, and NFTs positions him as a trailblazer and thought leader, poised to reshape the coffee landscape for the better. As his passion for coffee and ethical business practices continues to fuel his endeavors, Quentin’s impact on the global coffee community is bound to be profound and far-reaching.