Michel Bontemps


Michel Bontemps is a seasoned press professional and a distinguished authority in the fields of health and thermalism. With a wealth of experience and knowledge amassed over the years, he has become a sought-after consultant in the industry.

Having worked as a journalist for several decades, Michel has witnessed and reported on the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness. His deep understanding of these subjects has made him a trusted source of information and insight for both professionals and the general public.

Throughout his career, Michel has demonstrated exceptional managerial skills, successfully overseeing the operations of various magazines focused on health and well-being. Under his guidance, these publications have thrived, providing valuable content to readers and further solidifying his reputation as an expert in the field.

Beyond his journalistic endeavors, Michel’s passion for water and its therapeutic benefits led him to create an international water competition. This esteemed competition, running for several years, served as a platform to recognize and promote the significance of water resources in enhancing human health and well-being.

In addition to his involvement in the world of water, Michel co-organizes the World Coffee Challenge, showcasing his versatility and interest in diverse industries. As a coffee enthusiast, he has actively contributed to fostering innovation and excellence within the global coffee community.

With a lifetime of experience and achievements, Michel Bontemps continues to make a remarkable impact on the fields of health, thermalism, and journalism. His expertise, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit have shaped industries and inspired professionals worldwide.