Alejandro Madrigal

Costa Rica Rep

Alejandro Madrigal is a distinguished figure in the culinary world, hailing from Costa Rica. With a diverse range of talents and roles, he has become a passionate advocate for gastronomy as a catalyst for societal development. As the founder and director of Gastronomía Esencial, established in 2017, Alejandro has taken on various hats, including being an administrator, gastronome, communicator, and actor.

Alejandro Madrigal is a renowned expert in the coffee and chocolate industry in Latin America. With over two decades of experience, he has made a significant impact on the culinary world in the region.

His deep knowledge and passion for coffee and chocolate have led him to explore the unique origins and flavor profiles found in various regions of Latin America. Through his dedication and commitment, he has fostered sustainable development in both industries, promoting responsible agricultural practices and collaborating with local producer communities.

Throughout his illustrious career, Alejandro’s remarkable contributions to the culinary field have garnered him widespread recognition and accolades. Notably, he has been awarded the Gold Medal and Diploma of Honor by the Fundación Gastronomica Luso-Galaica, and the Honor to Merit in Tourism 2015 by Travel Show Expo Costa Rica, for his efforts in promoting sustainable and healthy Costa Rican gastronomy.

Alejandro’s influence extends beyond his home country, as he is an esteemed member of various gastronomic associations and societies worldwide. He is a member of Cofradía Gastronómica Luso-Galaica in Spain and Portugal, Cofradía Gastronómica Tesoros de Morelos in Mexico, and a Chevalier d’Honneur of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Costa Rica.

Among his accomplishments, Alejandro serves as the Secretary and Executive Delegate of the Costa Rican Gastronomy Foundation (FUCOGA) and coordinates the National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Costa Rican Gastronomy (PNGCSS), which has led to a transformative impact on his country’s culinary scene.

Currently, Alejandro holds the esteemed position of Delegate of Termatalia in Costa Rica, representing the renowned global event dedicated to Thermal Tourism, Wellness, and Health, organized by Expourense in Galicia, Spain.

Alejandro Madrigal’s career also includes two decades of managerial experience, holding positions as the Executive Director of various gastronomy and tourism organizations, such as the National Association of Chefs in Costa Rica (ANCH), the Institute of Advertising, and the Control of Measurements Chamber. He has also been involved in managing cultural institutions such as the Melico Salazar Popular Theater and the Fantasía Folclórica Foundation.

As a representative of Costa Rica, Alejandro has showcased his country’s culinary heritage at prominent events like XANTAR and Termatalia, and served as a juror in numerous national and international gastronomic competitions. He has also contributed to culinary education and awareness as the director and presenter of the radio program “Coma Bien” on Radio María Costa Rica, and through his work with the magazine Menú Informativo of CACORE.

With a passion for culinary excellence and a rich and varied career in gastronomy, Alejandro Madrigal continues to inspire and lead the way in promoting sustainable and healthy gastronomy, both in Costa Rica and on the global stage.