Marcos Zoya

Jury President

Marcos Zoya embarked on his coffee journey unknowingly, and before he knew it, he was entrapped for life. Coffee became his passion and his purpose.

His initial stage took place in Ireland, where he immersed himself in an already established and ever-evolving coffee scene. It was there that he gained knowledge as a barista and became an AST Trainer in 2016.

Upon returning to Spain, Marcos began collaborating independently with passionate baristas, roasters, and trainers. Simultaneously, he commenced representing La Marzocco, a brand he’s been working with for several years, and is now engaged in a continuous partnership.

With over 8 years of experience as a barista, educator, and communicator behind the espresso machine in high-volume establishments in Madrid and Dublin, he’s well-prepared to offer guidance on how to be productive, fast, and efficient in the captivating world of coffee. He revels in each cup served and every customer attended to, always maintaining quality in every pour, even in high-volume settings.

Coffee is an exceptionally versatile and captivating beverage. Exploring and tasting different coffee types can be an exhilarating experience. The coffee world offers a unique complexity and beauty.

His passion for coffee and his desire to share knowledge led him to become involved with the Specialty Coffee Association. The drink’s remarkable capacity to constantly surprise him fueled his journey of continuous learning and enjoyment. Becoming a trainer for the European Specialty Coffee Association solidified his commitment. He eagerly looks forward to imparting his knowledge and sharing this passion with others.

The coffee world is extraordinary and captivating. His community of coffee lovers shares values, knowledge, and grows together. Believing in the importance of continuous learning and evolution, the coffee community has captured his heart.

Moreover, Marcos has facilitated coffee courses in the Caribbean, focusing on sensory and technical analysis. These courses encourage students to learn through trust, experimentation, and discovery.

Recognizing and sharing flavors adds excitement and joy. The ability to identify and appreciate diverse flavor profiles enhances the coffee experience. Sharing knowledge with others and discovering new elements together intensifies the pleasure derived from coffee enjoyment.

His goal is to establish a community of coffee enthusiasts and help people discover the fascinating world of coffee. It’s easy to overlook the complexity and subtleties of this beverage, and Marcos is deeply passionate about sharing this love for coffee with others. He serves as an exceptional President of the Jury for the World Coffee Challenge, where his expertise and dedication shine through, ensuring the success of this prestigious event.